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Tech giant Apple is planning to make a new Apple Watch models which would basically feature an improved screen and updated ultra-wideband support. But more substantial improvements like temperature and blood glucose monitoring will appear in later models. 

The company is also reportedly planning a successor to last year`s more affordable Apple Watch SE, as well as a new extreme sports-focused model, due for release in 2022.

The improvements coming to this year`s watch model, which will almost certainly be called the Series 7, appear to be small. Its display bezels are said to be thinner, and a new lamination technique could reduce the distance between the display and the front cover.

The watch`s ultra-wideband support could also be improved after getting its Apple wearable debut in last year`s Series 6. But the years ahead could bring more substantial improvements for Apple`s wearable. 

Top of the list is a new blood glucose monitoring feature, which could automatically log blood sugar levels for diabetics without them needing to prick a finger to draw blood.There is also reportedly a new body temperature monitoring feature on the way, which has seen a surge in interest due to the pandemic.

 The temperature sensor could appear in the watch`s 2022 refresh, while blood glucose monitoring is several years away.

It was previously reported that Apple was internally discussing releasing a rugged smartwatch aimed at extreme sports users.

This model internally referred to as an “explorer” or “adventure” edition, is unlikely to release this year, and could arrive in 2022.

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