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Are you an Android user? WhatsApp has an update for you as it plans to stop backing up your status updates.

Currently, it is believed that WhatsApp conversations will last forever and you will never lose your chats even if you wipe your data clean or change your smartphone.

WhatsApp comes with a feature called chat backup, which basically saves all your data, including your chats, shared media, status updates on Google Cloud, if you are using an Android phone, or iCloud, if you are an iPhone user.  But from now onwards, WhatsApp will stop saving WhatsApp status updates in chat backups on Android. 

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will stop backing up status updates in order to save space while backing up users’ chat history. But it is also a fact that Google provides unlimited storage space on Google Drive while backing up WhatsApp chat history. However, this will also change as your WhatsApp status updates are about to see a change. 

The blog site further said that WhatsApp will also change the location where chat history is saved. The messaging platform is going to change that will ensure that WhatsApp chat backups are also saved locally on users’ smartphones.

Notably, the blog site also revealed that people often upload videos in their statuses, which further increases the size of WhatsApp backups. After removing the status updates from the purview of WhatsApp backups will help in saving a lot of on-device storage space.

The counter point that is being said is WhatsApp statuses disappear in 24 hours and therefore, it makes no sense to include them in WhatsApp backups.

It is important to note that WhatsApp doesn’t include status updates from WhatsApp backups while saving them on iCloud. Now, it is planning to bring similar functionality to Android as well. This feature is still in the developmental phase.

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