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Battlegrounds Mobile India was launched with much fanfare and it saw tremendous success as an alternative to PUBG in India.

It saw huge downloads after the launch and currently tops the Google Play Store’s free games list. However, there are a few glitches that hamper the smooth functioning of the game. 

The network issues with Battlegrounds Mobile India on Android devices can be easily fixed. You just need an active internet connection to troubleshoot the connection issues.

Therefore, gamers should keep these points in mind for playing BMI smoothly:
Check router or mobile data
It is important to check whether you can connect your phone to the internet as the connection often drops and that can stop you from playing BMI.

Power cycling the router and smartphone’s airplane mode should fix any issues or help in contacting the internet service provider. 

Game Installation 

For now, Battlegrounds Mobile India is just supported on Android smartphones running Android 5.1.1 and only works on devices with 2GB or more RAM. It is essential to have such requirements for playing the game. Also, playing from an emulator like BlueStacks can further result in several issues and that can disrupt your game.

Game Reinstallation 

If you face any issues related to the game, it is important to reinstall the game from the Play Store. Downloading the game from unknown sources can lead to a lot of issues and that will eventually result in several glitches. Therefore, it is advisable to download the game from the official Play Store. 

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