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Here is a situation, you have a wishlist of items, but you are afraid that buying these would cause a dent in your savings. So, you mortify your desires to keep your savings intact! While there is no harm in being calculative, you feel a little extra earning could have enabled you to buy little bits of happiness from your wishlist.

Honestly, most people feel that way. Therefore, they look for opportunities to earn an additional income, and what better option than online trading! Online trading can earn you an extra income, that too from the comfort of your home.

That said, many people still don’t know how to enter the trade. If you are one of them, there is a silver lining for you. Binomo app brings you the opportunity to learn and start trading on your own.

What is Binomo app?

Binomo is an online trading platform that allows people to register on its platform and start trading. It opens a door of opportunity for everyone trying to earn an additional income. Binomo enables you to trade from the comfort of your home. But one should keep in mind that only registering on the platform will not make them master traders. One needs to acquire knowledge about online trading and learn how to analyse charts, statistics and spot market trends.

How does Binomo trading platform work?

Binomo is a reliable and innovative trading platform where you can sign up using your email or Facebook ID. You just need to verify the information you provide during the registration process, and that’s it. The signup process is that easy. Once you register with Binomo, you can start trading right away. And all of these can be done from the comfort of your home.

If you are new to online trading, and things are becoming too overwhelming, fret not! Let’s learn what is online trading. In conventional trading, an investor buys shares of a company or a business. Should the company do well in future, its share prices go up. Then the investor sells the shares and book profit.

Trading on Binomo app is a little different from conventional stock market trading. Here, instead of buying company equity, you will have to predict the price movement of assets. You need to analyse and predict whether the chart will move up (increase) or move down (decrease) during the chosen period. You get profit if your analysis is right. Besides, you can study the extensive knowledge base available on the platform to learn more about trading on the Binomo platform.

How to get training on Binomo?

Once you learn the skill, you can practice them using the free demo account. Binomo will credit $1000 to your demo account, enabling you to start practice trading. You can also participate in free tournaments to test your skills. For any hurdle you face, there is also a dedicated help centre to resolve your query.

How to make a deposit and withdrawal on Binomo?

When you feel confident about your skills, you can deposit money into your trading account to start online trading on Binomo. Depositing money from your bank account to your Binomo trading account is safe and hassle-free.

Similarly, after you get some additional income by trading, you can swiftly withdraw the money from your Binomo trading account using your preferred payment method. The entire process is fast and seamless.

You can start your trading with a minimum account balance of INR 350. The daily threshold of the minimum trading amount is also shallow. You can spend a meagre INR 70 on daily trades. By setting the bar so low, Binomo saves you from incurring any significant losses while still learning to trade.

If you face any issue regarding deposit and withdrawal, you can chat with the customer support team. Send them a message anytime during the day, and they will revert to you with a solution right away.

Trading is exciting and rewarding if done correctly. It can create opportunities for everyone to earn an additional income. However, it entails a fair amount of risks. People trading without proper knowledge and skill can lose their hard-earned money in a matter of time. At times, the financial loss can be significant. Therefore, it is highly recommended to gather knowledge and master the skill before trying your hands at online trading with Binomo.


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