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In what could be termed as the bizarre incident ever, Cupertiono based tech giant Apple was forced to pay a multi-million dollar settlement to a woman whose photos and videos went online after the company’s technicians were busy repairing her iPhone.

These nude and explicit images and videos were uploaded to social media platforms like Facebook and others, and it looked as if the woman had intentionally posted it online. 

The woman’s attorney demanded $5 million compensation for the damages on the person’s reputation.

In a statement, Apple said, “We take the privacy and security of our customers’ data extremely seriously and have a number of protocols in place to ensure data is protected throughout the repair process.

“When we learned of this egregious violation of our policies at one of our vendors in 2016, we took immediate action and have since continued to strengthen our vendor protocols,” it added.

This incident goes back to the year 2016 where the woman had sent her iPhone for repair to Apple-approved repair contractor Pegatron Technology Service. These technicians then uploaded extremely personal photos of the woman on her social media platforms.

Reportedly, Apple investigated the matter and fired the two technicians who were involved in the gaffe.

A similar incident happened in 2019 where an Apple Store employee texted himself an intimate photo of a woman, taken from her phone after she took the device to be repaired. Apple immediately launched an investigation and later found out that the person no longer works at the company.

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