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As more people engage in social media during the COVID-19 pandemic, social media networks like Twitter, Instagram and more are taking their user engagement up by modifying the links you can add to your profile.

And as adding multiple links in one profile is now reduced to one link, social media influencers are now scouring new tech to cramp up different product and information links into one link and add it in their profile link in bio section.

Since the tech exists for more than a few years now, one problem still exists that every social media user, influencer and entrepreneur keeps on experiencing with the dominating one link for all software that is present in the market today. And these issues are interface bugs and the social media platform link rejection.

Because of that, many online users are looking for a better link in bio software that can solve the issues they experience from other link in bio software providers.

With the current QR code technology modifications made by a QR code generator online, social media users, influencers and entrepreneurs can now maximize their social media engagement system for their followers and customers with the widen option for them to expand their traffic by just scanning a QR code and clicking the link through their profile.

How to maximize your social media engagements with social media QR codes?

Social media users, influencers and entrepreneurs can maximize their social media engagements with QR codes by letting their followers and other social media users click the shortened link added in their profile bio and or attaching it to the physical products they sell.

And for them to do that here are the following ways on how they can maximize their social media engagement.

Add it in their YouTube videos

The social media users, influencers and entrepreneurs can maximize their link in bio engagements with QR codes in YouTube by adding the code in their video and direct them to a selection of product choices that they discuss in it.

As the option for manually directing their viewers to open another social media app to get the links they need from the products they watch is can be a tedious task for them, attaching a QR code in the video can minimize the complication they face with it.

Place the QR code in their merch packaging

If you use social media to promote your products or merch and want them to follow you on social media, then using a social media QR code is great for listing the links of the other products you sell online. Like if you use food delivery platforms as Swiggy and Zomato you can get more sales.

Aside from adding your social media links, you can also add the product link from your online shops for customers to easily go through the product itself without searching them in your store online.

Include it in their physical posters

For brands that are used to market their products and services in public places like the streets, bulletin boards and more, they can maximize their social media engagements with the use of this type of QR code by including it in their physical posters. Through this, brands can gain more followers from the offline community by directing them to scan the QR code and go online to follow them on social media.

Create a pinned post in their Facebook Group or Page

To influencers and brands that created a Facebook Group or Page for their followers to get updated with the product they are planning to release, they can use these QR codes to keep their followers and members keep posted with the latest products they recommend them to buy by just creating a pinned post with the QR code that houses their latest events, products they currently launch.


Since social media is one of the powerful internet means that people hang out with when they go online, marketing and getting more connections through it becomes easier.

But as easy as it can be, increasing their social media engagements is can be a hassle for them. As it requires great timing and an effective social media growth strategy, the use of social media growth engagement tools like a social media QR code is what they will need.

For them to start increasing their social media engagements, they can always tap on the use of a QR code generator with logo online to create a robust social media handle landing page with a custom QR code that can be used for offline campaigns. 

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