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New Delhi: In what could be an interesting revelation, Instagram on Tuesday (June 8) officially revealed the factors behind the content the photo-sharing platform shows you on almost a daily basis. 

As expected, the algorithms of the social media platform consider a lot of factors to decide what Instagram post or Reel or stories should be served to you next. In a blog, Instagram explained that there are four most significant ‘signals’ among thousands of other factors that decide how your feed looks like. 

Here are these four factors: 

1. Instagram takes a closer look at your history of interacting with other users, along with the type of posts you like or comment on. 

2. The platform also suggests posts if they’re gaining popularity. It also considers the location of the post before suggesting it to you. 

3. The photo-sharing app also makes the most of the information of the user who uploaded the content, and how that account might seem interesting to you. 

4. Instagram also takes note of the content you often view on the app to suggest you more posts and feeds. 

Besides the four deciding factors, Instagram also uses five different types of interactions before deciding what you should see next. These interactions are used as “a variety of algorithms, classifiers, and processes, each with its own purpose.”
The Facebook-owned platform wrote the blog after the company was criticised for addictive algorithms which are designed to keep users scrolling. The allegations are not only against Instagram, but at social media platforms at large. 


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