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Facebook-owned Instagram now lets users share short videos in the format of “Instagram Reels,” which has gained immense popularity in the last few years. It allows users to record, edit and post a 15-second video (up to 60 seconds) through a different Feed page.

Now if a user wants to grow their followers via Reels, he/she will have to do certain things to be on top of their game:

1. Niche- Pick a niche, which basically means something that hasn’t been explored before. Then make those videos in your own style because the accounts that have grown fastest have had a first-mover advantage in their niche.

2.Quantity over quality- The Instagram algorithm loves small accounts and if the content is amazingly good, the algorithm takes no time to promote it. In terms of numbers, it’s important to upload videos twice in a day until you get at least a viral video. That however doesn’t mean the quality is compromised anyway.

3.Follow the trends- Instagram understands trending music and promotes videos that have that music. It is important to use those videos with a niche.

4. Content Creation- It is very important to make content that is easy to share and relates to the masses. After seeing the video, the viewer should have the urge to like, comment, and share the post.

5. Informal and Friendly- It is advisable to keep the content informal and friendly. Reels are filled with motivational, fashion, lifestyle, and comedy videos and that makes your post more consumable.

Finally, to conclude, it would be apt to say that a lot of luck is also involved as the Instagram algorithm will randomly pick any video, and therefore, it will be essential to keep creating videos and you will finally be rewarded. Just don’t compare. Find your own style and keep experimenting.

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