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New Delhi: PUBG gamers are impatiently waiting for the comeback of the game as Battlegrounds Mobile India. Over 20 million gamers have already pre-subscribed on the Google Play Store listing of Battlegrounds Mobile India, highlighting the massive craze for the upcoming game. 

With the announcement of Battlegrounds, many had started saying that the upcoming game is just a masqueraded version of PUBG. However, Battlegrounds isn’t completely the same as PUBG Mobile India, which was banned by the Indian government last year due to privacy and security concerns. 

Here are the top five things you need to know before Battlegrounds launch: 

1. Consent from parents mandatory for gamers below 18 

All Battlegrounds gamers age below 18 will have to take consent from their parents to play the game, according to the advisory shared by Krafton.  

2. Gaming time capped at 3 hours

Gamers below the age of 18 won’t be able to play Battlegrounds Mobile India for more than three hours. Krafton may have taken the decision to prevent addiction to the game among young gamers. 

3. More restrictions for young gamers 

Anyone aged below 18 who wants to play Battlegrounds Mobile India will have to register for the game using their parent’s mobile number for confirmation purposes. Moreover, if parents feel their child is spending way too much time on the game then they can also contact the developer to disable the ward’s account.   

4. Improved data protection 

Krafton had reportedly said that the company is going to store the gaming data of all  Battlegrounds Mobile gamers on servers in India and Singapore.  

5. A desi touch to the game

Battleground Mobile India will have its separate, exclusive in-game events and esports ecosystem, which could mean that these events are likely to be based on India themes.


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