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New Delhi: Krafton has finally rolled out Battlegrounds Mobile India on Thursday for beta testing to a select number of users, ending the months-long wait of PUBG Mobile India’s relaunch in India.  

Battlegrounds Mobile India is currently available on the Google Play Store and you can check yourself if you’re eligible to play the game right away with the beta launch by following a few simple steps. Also Read: Battlegrounds Mobile India launched– Check link and how to download it

Coming back to the first-hand experience of Battlegrounds Mobile India, the game is PUBG Mobile India packaged with a new name and connections to dodge India’s strict rules on apps having link with China.

You can, however, notice minor differences between the two titles. For instance, once you open Battlegrounds Mobile India, an in-app prompt will ask if you’re above 18 years or not. 

Krafton, the developer of Battlegrounds Mobile India, had earlier said gamers below 18 years of age will require their parents’ consent to play the game. However, currently, one can simply tap on the option that he/she is above 18 years to play the game. 

Secondly, upon starting a match, disclaimers stating that the game is a simulation and it does not represent real life. Battlegrounds Mobile India even advises not to spend long hours playing the much-awaited game. The disclaimers came every time whenever a fresh match starts. 

All PUBG Mobile maps, weapons, controls and equipment are available in Battlegrounds Mobile India – which clearly indicates that the game is just a repackaged version tailored for India. 

One of the strange difference is that players in Battlegrounds Mobile India bleed green instead of red. Krafton may have adopted the green colour to ensure that the game doesn’t promote violence. 

Coming to good news, gamers will be able to restore their previous in-game items such as clothes, skins for weapons and accessories, etc. Also Read: Battlegrounds Mobile India now available, check out official download link revealed on Google Play Store



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