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New Delhi: Realme India teased its first-ever laptop for Indian markets with an Apple MacBook-style finish. The Chinese smartphone maker’s India CEO Madhav Sheth on Twitter posted a photo with a message coded in computer language. 

Sheth said, “01001000B 01100101B 01101100B 01101100B 01101111B 00100000B 01010111B 01101111B 01110010B 01101100B 01100100B 00100001B 00000000B
#realme new product category has a message for you! Can you decode it & guess the product name that will add up to your #TechLife?” 

The code written in the binary language translates to “Hello World!”, which is a common phrase in the computer programming world, and is often used to create something new. 

Along with the message, he posted a photo showing a glimpse of the first Realme laptop from a paper bag. Prior to Realme, Xiaomi launched its laptop series in India, followed by Huawei. The Chinese trio is already fighting tooth and nail in other consumer electronic categories such as smartphones and smartwatches, among others.  

Realme has previously dropped several hints towards a possible launch of a laptop in Indian markets. In May 2020, Realme had started conducting a survey on its forums. “We have been seeing tons of requests for Laptop, and we want to better understand your needs,” Realme said in the survey.

Realme laptop launch date 

Realme is yet to officially announce the launch date of its laptops in India. Tipster Mukul Sharma had claimed that Realme might launch the laptops as early as June 2021. 

However, Sharma’s claim came in January 2021, and therefore there are possible chances that Realme might delay the launch, especially considering the second wave-led supply chain constraints in the country.


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