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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced almost everyone to stay inside their homes and the kids who were used to going to schools and playgrounds were now seen to be glued to online classes. Now besides online classes and homework, what kept the kids interested and occupied? A study by Kaspersky called the Kaspersky Safe Kids study has finally revealed that in the last year, the kids’ interest was in the categories like ‘software, audio, and video’ and ‘e-commerce’ has gone up, while interest in ‘internet communication media’ and ‘computer games’ came down.

With apps, YouTube, WhatsApp, TikTok were the most popular ones with TikTok beating Instagram with almost double the level of popularity.

The most popular website categories among children were ‘software, audio, video’ (44.38%), ‘internet communication media’ (22.08%), and ‘computer games’ (13.67%). For the most popular apps, YouTube was in a numero uno position, WhatsApp came in second place, and third was TikTok. The top 10 most popular apps also included four games: Brawl Stars, Roblox, Among US, and Minecraft, the study revealed.

The study further revealed that India got the fourth position in terms of time spent on the YouTube mobile app, with 37.34%. Children in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and India came out as the most active Zoom users, with 8.40% and 5.96% respectively. Children didn’t find Facebook as their favourite social media platform however, it still does enjoy some popularity among children in Egypt (10.08%), Mexico (5.9%), and India (2.87%). 

Cartoons seem to have half (50.21%) of all video searches by children around the world. The most popular ones are Lady Bug and Super Cat, Gravity Falls, and Peppa Pig. 

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